alanti aani muthyam

alanti aani muthyam

This is a great movie in indian panorama, it has exibited up to one year in USA. sUCH A GREAT movie was directed by B.N.Reddy in his own banner Vahini, starring by great actor NTR, Bhanumati and others.

                  the main story tells that love has no barriers.




                                       sankarabharanamThis is a great movie in our telugu film industry, it lead rally over our OSCAR nominees in 80’s .the director of this movie was K.VISWANATH, produced by EDIDHA.NAGESWARRAO, starring by J.V.SOMAYAJULU, MANJUBHARGAVI and others.

                                       The story tells us that ‘though we live like traditional,we must maintain ethics. The main character in this movie sankarasastri(J.V),who is a famous traditional singer.He lives with his daughter.when he mets a dancer manju,who likes his songs very much and preech him like god, impresses on her and joins her in his musical troop. But manju is a daughter of a Devadasi, so all fellow mates in his troop drops him, meanwhile manju kills a zamindaar, who tries to get her. 


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